Music networking through the Sony SA-NS400

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Music networking through the Sony SA-NS400

Sony SA-NS400 can play music that is streamed from various compatible devices such as a PC and Sony HomeShare devices. As a network speaker it connects to the home network. Beyond this, you can also connect an extra CD player, media player or even an audio cassette player to the network speaker through the analog stereo input.

Sony SA-NS400 is quite easy to use once you set it up. With the wireless connection the device can be placed anywhere in your office or home provided the area has an AC power outlet and good access to the WiFi signals. You’re also offered a remote which is conveniently as small as a credit card. Though it has some controls, there are others you’ll find on the device itself.

There are two ways music can be played on the network speaker. As mentioned before, you can either stream music from a compatible device in the network or connect a portable media player through the stereo input. Reviews have rated the device as having good sound quality with the 360 degree effect balancing the sound all over the room. It is best to use the speaker while you’re busy with some work as you won’t notice the slightly narrow stereo separation which is felt when you’re focused on listening to the music. But this is to be expected considering close positioning of the speakers in one house.

There some unique features offered in the Sony SA-NS400 such as the “Party” function. What this does is enable you to play what the host device in your network is playing. If you have the host device playing something in some other room of your home or office, you only need to click the Party button you’ll find on the remote and you’ll find the speaker playing what host the device is.

Since you can independently control both the Sony SA-NS400 network speaker and the host device, you don’t have to bear the music being played in the device as well as the speaker. Turn down the volume in the host device (if no one else is listening to it in that room) and increase the volume in your network speaker. You can control the host device through the remote control of SA-NS400 so you don’t have to leave your room to adjust the playback on the host device.

The Bookmark function enables you to bookmark a maximum of 30 music selections which are then saved on your PC which functions as the chief network server. When you press the Call button on the remote when the PC is on too, the network speaker will play the selections in the order.

Sony SA-NS400 looks to be a very convenient and high quality product. It is available for a price varying from around Rs. 12, 000 to Rs. 15, 000 depending on the online store you get it from.

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