Music on the move with Portable Sound Labs' iMainGo 2 and iMainGo X

Posted By: Rahul

Music on the move with Portable Sound Labs' iMainGo 2 and iMainGo X

Music on the move is always a big requirement for daily commuters. The first thing that comes into our mind when we think about it is a pair of headphones.

If you want to share your music with a group then a portable speaker system is the best option. Even though there are many portable speaker systems available many of them lack proper sound quality. The one with the proper sound quality may not be compact enough to be carried around.

Portable sounds lab has come up with the ideal device that is compact enough and still packs in enough power to keep you entertained. Two of the latest accessories from them are the iMainGo 2 and iMainGo X. These speakers can offer you one of the best sound qualities that you can expect from a portable speaker system.

iMainGo 2 has a very unique design. It can act as your players carrying case as well as a speaker system. The device has dimensions of 3.8 inch x 2.4 inch x 5.7 inch. The overall weight of the device is about 255 grams.

The devices' design allows you to tuck away the player in it allowing you access to the touch screen. So you will be able to manipulate the music tracks as you want. The speakers system mainly consists of two parts. One part has encloses the battery as well as the speakers.

The other part holds the player. Even though the speaker is mainly intended for apples devices any player having similar headphone jack is compatible with it. The speaker can even work with tablets and laptops.

The sound quality is excellent and considering the fact that it is coming from such a small device is truly amazing. Also since it has very minimum number of wires there are no hassles with connecting and disconnecting the device. The device is powered by 4 AAA size batteries and they can be swapped anytime they run out of juice.

iMainGo X is an updated version of the iMainGo 2. There is very notable difference in sound as well as performance, but of course at additional cost. One of the main differences is that this speaker system comes with Lithium –ion battery pack.

This means that you don’t need to carry around additional batteries when going on a long trip. Just plug the device in to a power socket and you can charge the battery. One small problem is that you have to carry around the charger and you cannot use the device once the charge goes down and no power socket is available.

iMainGo X is provided with a pair of headphone jacks. You may be then wondering why to use this device other than to plug in the headphone directly into the player. The thing is that using iMainGo X multiple users can plug in their headphones to enjoy music.

Also if they want one headphone can be plugged in and the rest can enjoy music via the device speakers. You can input sound into the device via input jack too. The device even offers possibility of cascading more than one iMainGo X speakers.

iMainGo 2 has a price tag of about Rs.2, 000/- while iMainGo X comes with a price of about Rs.3,500/- in India.

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