MW3 Bullet headphones from Munitio for Gamers

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MW3 Bullet headphones from Munitio for Gamers

Munitio is the company which specializes in lifestyle electronic accessories and the company is based in San Diego, California. Munitio incorporates an elite team of researchers and developers that intend on bringing true craft man spirit to their high quality audio devices.

The company started in 2010 and set a new bench mark when they manufactured the world’s first 18-K carat gold plated earphones. They also produced a titanium coated version of that ear phone and they quickly become a favorite among the audiophiles.

Call of Duty was a sure hit among the gamers and continues to have a very big fan list following. Newer versions of the game continue to come into the market and gamers are looking forward for each of them. The latest version Modern Warfare 3 has also carried on the COD legacy and is very cutting edge when it comes to graphics, sound and design and offers 100% on the edge entertainment for the hardcore gamers.

Munitio has also joined the flow and has introduced special edition Call of Duty: Modern Warfare3 branded headphones. The headphones are designed to look like bullets and have some pretty unique features. The ear phone of the headphone is made from aircraft-grade aluminum which is extremely light weight and durable. The design mimics exactly the look of a 9mm bullet.

They come in MW3 colors, and the combination of jet black and cyber green gives a very stylish look to the headphones. The aluminum casing is extremely strong that even if you press it hard against any surface or drop it from a height nothing will happen to it. The brushed metal casing so ensures complete safety of the drivers inside and you can carry it around in your luggage with a complete peace of mind since you won’t have to worry about damaging it.

The cables are Kevlar reinforced. Kevlar is a synthetic fiber that has a wide variety of applications. This strong material is used even to make body armor or bullet proof vests because of their high tensile strength to weight ratio. It offers about five times more strength than steel of same weight. The durability of a Kevlar padded cable is out of question then. So, no matter how much you stress or pressure the cable is subjected to while you use the headphone, it will remain intact.

To sum it up, the build quality of the headphone is extremely good and no other head phone manufacture can hold a candle up to them when it comes to the same. MW3 Bullet headphones from Munitio have very good sound quality too. The bass response is extremely good and if you intent to use it as your gaming headphone you are in for a treat. The sound reproduction is also very efficient and almost all sounds in the acoustic range are produced faithfully and with very good clarity.

There is an in-line microphone and it can be used for hands free calling. It consists of a single button to accept as well as end a call. The sales package also includes six sets of silicon hollow point earphone buds, two sets in each of the small, medium and large sizes and two ear hooks. MW3 Bullet headphones from Munitio price tag could not be confirmed.


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