New DVD Mini and Micro systems from TEAC

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New DVD Mini and Micro systems from TEAC

Home entertainment and music systems account for a large chunk of the consumer electronics industry for one simple reason – however busy people get and whatever be the economic and job-related strain placed on people, they just can’t live without some kind of entertainment or the other.

Music lovers’ long time ago had to be satisfied with the gramophone. This archaic device is now synonymous with orchestra and such grand musical experiences, but now things have got grander with hordes of home entertainment systems flooding the market. One can enjoy music, videos, movies and even games alone, with pals or with family at home thanks to these expensive but innovative devices. For those with the green, nothing comes in the way of replacing the need to go to a movie theatre, dance hall, opera, club, disco or gaming hub with an all-in-one experience at home.

To satisfy the always growing demand for something better than the previous one, manufacturers are always innovating, trying to outsmart rivals with more accessories and cool features to ensure users can by themselves configure the perfect home theatre experience. Cost-effectiveness is also a factor, but discerning customers often seem never to let it stop them from acquiring the best. Digital entertainment company TEAC looks to capitalize on this trend with its innovative new products.

TEAC has introduced DVD Mini and DVD Micro systems. The company claims that DVD Mini System HMX1001S is a complete home entertainment system featuring MP3, CD, VCD, JPEG, DVD and other playback formats. It also features multimedia card slots and USB input so you can listen to the MP3 files.

HMX1001S DVD Mini System comes with an FM tuner too. Its 2.1 channel speaker provides 200 watts of raw power also including the 100-watt subwoofer. A unique element of TEAC DVD Mini System not found in many other home theatre systems is the feature enabling karaoke. With the microphone input enabling users to arrange karaoke themselves, the company believes this feature would add to much more fun.

TEAC MCDV70 Micro System extends its support to DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, CDR/RW, Kodak Photo CD, HDCD, VCD and other discs. As in the DVD Mini System, DVD Micro System also has an FM tuner, and it also features a USB port for playing your multimedia files. It has large two-way speakers and offers 40 watt RMS power. Micro System is equipped with a main 160 millimeter unit.

TEAC DVD Mini System HMX1001S has a price tag of around Rs. 25,000 while TEAC Micro System MCDV70 is priced at around Rs. 10,000 to Rs 15,000. They are currently launched in Australia, may be available in online stores soon.

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