New Spin HD Headset From Thermal Take

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Thermaltake which is regarded as a pioneer in the field of manufacturing gaming devices is now diversifying its business towards the manufacture of audio products that comes with a high quality there by maintaining the reputation that Thermal Take already has in the gaming sector. The latest audio products launched in to the market include the launch of eSPORTS Shock Spin High Definition Headset that comes with superior quality. The headset mainly arrives in three versions mainly the low end version as well as mid-range and the high end version.

Thermaltake eSPORTS New Shock Spin HD headset comes with a lot of features and specifications. The headset comes with a length of 50 mm with the inclusion of Neodymium Magnet that provides the users with enhanced bass performance. It comes with a range of 15 Hz to 20 KHz. The device also features the implementation of 32 Ohm impedance. The device comes with 95db +_DB sensitivity. Other specifications in the headset include 100mW of maximum input capacity.

The microphone that is present in the headset is omni directional in nature. And the cable size is 3 meters which gives considerable comfort to the headset. The frequency range present in the device is almost 100 Hz to 10 KHz. The device also comes with 2.2 ohm of impedance. The sound card specification in the headset includes the presence of high quality 7.1 channel virtual surround sound. The headset is also enhanced by the presence of four buttons that is especially designed for control over unit.

Thermaltake eSPORTS New Shock Spin HD headset that is of high end version is one of the best with well balanced and smooth compared to other versions available. The limiting function is its Extension which is common in the headsets as far as the gaming experience is concerned. The mid-range headset also comes with lot of advantages that includes smooth as well as controlled vocals. The headset also was providing a dynamic response. The low-end version was successful in enhancing the users with the punch sound that the gamers would like to energize themselves while playing. The users can also make use of Environment FX if they wish as well as they can also use their own sound card. Thus the Shock spin HD headset has proved to be very successful by providing superior sound quality as well as utmost comfort two of which users wish to have in their headsets in order to provide the comfort they require and Thermal Take has been successful in achieving this goal by the launch of shock spin HD headsets.

The price in India tag of Thermaltake eSPORTS New Shock Spin HD headset is expected to be less than Rs.5, 000 that makes this headset extremely affordable from the user’s point of view.

New Spin HD Headset From Thermal Take

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