Next Generation iPod Nano Leaked

Posted By: Rahul

Next Generation iPod Nano Leaked

The seventh generation version of iPod Nano has been leaked. According to reports from a website called MacRumours, the design of the iPod Nano which is Apple's flagship product is out. As per the available images, The seventh generation iPod Nano features a camera which is an innovative modification that Apple has made to the iPod Nano. According to sources, design modifications cannot be seen in the iPod this time around.

The clip that was present in the outer layer of the iPod Nano sixth generation is continued in  the seventh generation as well and there is a camera integrated onto the clip as well.

There are also reports that this camera features an environmental sensor which senses and automatically sets wallpapers based on the current weather conditions in which the iPod Nano is kept.

These are the only details that are available at this point in time, all in all the iPod Nano is enhanced this time around and is sure to blow you off with it's superior performance. The price in India of the latest iPod Nano is expected soon.

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