Noise cancellation EP Series Earphone from creative

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Noise cancellation EP Series Earphone from creative

Headphones and earphones have always been the favorite gadget for music lovers. They usually go for headphones which offer great clarity and quality. But good sound quality in a headphone depends on the noise cancellation aspects.

Popular Music devices Manufacturers – Creative Technologies recently let the World know that they have decided to present new noise isolation earphones. Reportedly, there are two new EP earphone models namely the EP 600 and the EP 660.

According to Creative, these EP series earphones offer incredible noise cancellation going so far as the listener wouldn’t even feel that in a train or even in a plane.

The EP noise isolation earphones will definitely be overwhelming to its users with its ability to nullify sounds from the environment that would make feeling the goodness of music a bit hard and is quite disturbing. One wouldn’t even feel the weight of these earphones and yet one will wonder how great the audio playback is for the EP series earphones.

Integrating latest noise isolation and bass boosting technologies, like the Neodymium magnets/drivers, the EP 660 and the EP 600 offer jaw-dropping performances. The EP earphone users wouldn’t even think of denying the fact that these earphones offer awesome, comfortable entertainment even in flight.

The frequency response is efficiently balanced and with its powerful bass characteristics, the EP 660 and the EP 600 prove to be apt for speaker drivers.

Creative Technologies’ regional sales manager in India, Ernest Sim exclaimed that latest technologies in earphones would make them ideal in almost all types of environments, even if they are noisy, thereby stating the fact that earphones need not be used only in homes.

Most people use earphones for music while they are traveling. But they usually get irritated from all the external noises as they can’t enjoy the music like they used to, in their rooms. The EP series earphones are one of the perfect solutions for this problem.

The design characteristics of the EP earphone series include, as mentioned above, a Neodymium driver which is 9mm in size and is quite compact.

The earphones are designed to fit comfortably in all shapes and sizes of human ears, with soft silicone earbuds, also offering effective reproduction of the music. Conclusively, the EP noise isolation earphones are a must-buy for any and all music lovers as they also come at a decent price range. The price of the earphones in India is yet to be released.

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