Nuforce iDo compact headphone amplifier for iPod

Posted By: Rahul

Nuforce iDo compact headphone amplifier for iPod

Even though the market is filled with portable music players of the digital kind there are still a lot of people out there who prefers a conventional portable optical disc player to them. One of the main reasons that the audiophiles point out is that these devices lack in the sound quality when compared to their analog counter parts.

Nuforce has a perfect solution for this problem. It is a simple yet efficient device that can amplify and convert the digital audio signals to analog one. The device is termed as NuForce icon iDo. The I tag means that it is specially designed for Apples devices and are not compatible with the others.

Features of NuForce iDo are:

  • The devices is very light and compact

  • Adjustable gain for audio

  • Variety connectivity options

  • 3.5 mm audio jack

Dimensions: 6 inch x 4.5 inch x 1 inch

Nuforce Icon iDo has a very simple and beautiful design. It comes in four different vibrant colours with black highlighting common in all the options. The volume knob is provided in the front and there is LED indicator at its side that shows the amount of gain provided for music. The back has connectivity options for analog and digital connector type.

Setting up of this device is quite simple. Just connect the Apples device to it via the 30 pin synch or charging cable. Plug iDo to an AC power supply and that’s it. You can then enjoy hours of top notch quality music and other audio without any problems.

The device simply bypasses the audio to its circuitry and creates a jitter free high quality audio from the input it gets. The digital to analog converter in Nuforce Icon iDo is capable of sampling rates of about 24 bit/96KHz and is limited to 24nit/48KHz to make it compatible with Apples devices.

After all the audio processing the SNR is at about 95Db and also there will be less than 0.01% distortion .It has a frequency response of about 10Hz to about 20KHz and can very well be used along with your home audio system.

Nuforce Icon iDo comes with a price tag of about Rs.12,000/- in India.

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