ODDIO1: Cordless iPod shuffle headphones

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ODDIO1: Cordless iPod shuffle headphones

Headphones are a must have device for daily commuters since it offers sufficient entertainment options on the move. The small problem is that there is always a chance that the wires will get tangled up with it as well as with other everyday objects. So wire free headphones are the only alternatives.

Jeremy Saxton and Jacob Hall have come with another alternative. They have made a headphone that can work in unison with an Apple iPod shuffle. The headphone is termed as ODDIO 1.


  • Cordless

  • Light weight

  • Impressive styling

  • 30 mm drivers

  • Superb sound quality

The headphone is basically made from a Nylon plastic material. The whole of the headband has this material while the ear cushions are made of high-grade silicon materials. This construction helps to reduce the weight of the device very much.

The material is also very durable and comfortable. ODDIO1 being this much light weight has the advantage that it won’t create any discomfort no matter how long you use it. The headband is adjustable so it can fit to any head type. Outer portion of the headphone is black in colour and has a glossy finish to it. The inner side along with the inside of the ear cups comes in the chosen colour. There are different colour options to choose from including grey, black as well as pink.

The drivers of ODDIO1 which are of 30 mm are more than sufficient enough to create the whole of the audio spectrum. They offer very good bass and voice quality too. The mid’s and high’s are very clear even if you turn the volume up high. The sound output is also sufficiently powerful that there won’t come many instances where you need to turn the volume up very high.

The most striking feature in the headphone is its ability to incorporate an Apple ipod shuffle. This mini media player can be tucked away in the slot provided in the headphone.

The ipod shuffle fits in perfectly in the slot and won’t come loose no matter to what extends you subject the headphone to. Even when the shuffle is inside the slot, its controls are very easily accessible. This avoids the need to want to take the headphone for manipulating the tracks or changing the volume. So once the ipod shuffle is inserted the headphone gets transformed to a complete portable music player.

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