Panasonic SC-HTB52

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Panasonic SC-HTB52
Panasonic is always known for its quality consumer electronic products around the world. They have created their own brand in determining their product from other consumer electronic manufacturers. They always come up with new technologies and always prefer to stay ahead in the growing market of consumer electronics. The main competitor for the Panasonic is the Sony Corporation. And this is one of the contenders Panasonic don't forget to catch up with Panasonic SC-HTB52.

The latest to be released by the Panasonic is Panasonic SC-HTB52 home theatre system which is about to make its debut in the emerging home theatre entertainment market. The latest Panasonic product comes with good features as well as the advantages compared to others as well as with some downside effects too. More appreciation should be given to its design. It comes with a smooth black coated body. It also comes with a wireless sub woofer which provides some high quality bass followed by the path breaking music that the home theatre system provides. This in fact enables an improved dynamic range where one can enjoy music.

Additional features includes the presence of an in built surround sound technology which enables the users with superb sound effects that includes DTS as well as Dolby Digital. Panasonic SC-HTB52 also is equipped with 3D Blu ray players that provide the 3D effects that any user wishes to have in their home theatre system to provide them with a realistic sound effects that makes the users feel that things are happening around them as it is. This seems to a perfect combination of new age features like 3D Blu ray technology as well as conventional features like DTS all built into one system.

Panasonic SC-HTB52 also comes with a few drawbacks too that includes the absence of the analog inputs which is considered to be a minimal necessity in the home theatre system. The greatest drawback is the absence of the presence of both the LED as well as the LCD screen to view the details of the song that you are listening as well as the audio format specification that your song is based up on. The connectivity is also less compared to other players in the industry.

The price in India of the Panasonic SC-HTB52 is affordable at around Rs 24,000. With the cute design they had given to this product, it is sure to capture the hearts of the new age users of the Home theatre system. And the impact that it is going to bring the competitors remains to be seen in the days to come.

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