Pioneer Crew Portable music system

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Pioneer Crew Portable music system

Pioneer is a name quite familiar when it comes to the world of high fidelity music systems and portable music players. They are the market leaders in audio equipments and are known for integrating cutting edge technology and features in their range of music systems. Pioneer Crew is the latest portable entertainment device which is designed and launched by keeping both the youngsters and the professionals in mind.

The main groups of people that are going to benefit from this product are the people in the dance scene. They are known to practice anywhere, indoor or outdoor, and till now there hasn’t been a complete product that can meet their demands in sound and features. Pioneer Crew is an answer to all those worries.

The Crew comes in flashy eye catching colors and is designed beautifully with very curvy edges. It sure is a head turner. Pioneer crew portable music system has two tweeters of 26 mm each, two 80 mm full range speakers and a 135 mm subwoofer unit. All in all the device provides 10W+10W+20W,that is 40W RMS out put power, which is quite high and magnificent considering the fact that it comes from a portable audio device. The device has a frequency response of between 50hertz to 20 Kilo hertz. It has a sufficiently large QVGA LED screen of 3.5 inches in the front.

The large screen makes it quite convenient to browse through the song lists or select the appropriate mode or settings. The dimensions of the device are 24.88x9.65x8.7 inches. All in all the system weighs in at about 7.39 kilograms which is understandable considering the rich quality of music that we get from this system. The system can work from a direct AC supply or by using 10-DD batteries.

Pioneer Crew Portable music system has 4GBs of internal memory which is sufficiently high to store hours of music. It also has a sealed iphone/ipod dock into which you can plug in your device and play the tracks stored in it. The device also comes with a 3.5 mm Mic and Aux input ports. If you are tired of hearing the music through the speakers and want some privacy you can also plug in a headset into the 3.5mm headphone output provided.

The device is preloaded with many features like the tempo control where you can adjust the tempo of the music without causing any change in the pitch of the music. An 8-Beat skip feature that allows the user to skip forward a track by 8 counts or skip backward the same. It also has dance cue feature by which the user can fix cue points so that the music will play from the fixed point. The device supports all the common music formats including AAC and WMA files. We can select the intensity of dance sounds from the three options that is low, mid or high.

It comes with a 1m long USB cable and a remote control for easy operation. The remote control itself comes in a very marvelous design with ultra thin look and simple to use keys. The device can be expected to be priced approximately within the range of Rs. 25,000 in India.

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