Pioneer DJM 250 Mixer Review

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Pioneer DJM 250 Mixer Review
Pioneer has brought out many gadgets that has assisted in creative works of many audio engineers and experts and have always been careful to keep up with that trust they had on them. As a result many high end music editing and enhancing hardware have been generated and it still continues to play big in the industry. This time, Pioneer has developed a budget mixer without compromising in its efficiency. The low price mixer will have all the quality you would expect from a seriously priced professional mixer that Pioneer has designed and developed in its labs.

Pioneer DJM 250 mixer is a must have for all kind of DJ purposes and the new one is definitely going to be a much useful one just like all the previous innovations of Pioneer, keeping in mind its contributions towards providing high end DJ technology. The new mixture features some high configured utilities and features in it like an independent channel filter feature and also a cross fader utility derived from a DJM 900. This allows the user to make variations in the curve graph while the score is shifting among the club mixes and Vinyl scratching. This is of high demand when it comes to consider buying a mixer.

The mixer comes with features like Twin sound colour filters to shift between high and low basses buy just turning the knobs provided. This can be done instantly without worrying about changing the modes or switching on of any options. Now, what matters more when it comes to DJ mixing is the maintenance of sound quality without losing clarity as done on a professional mixer which is safely ensured in the new Pioneer DJM 250 Mixer. The device is perfect for small pubs, dance clubs or for mixing at home. It is compact in size and portable and fits well in DJ mixing suit cases, back pack, etc.

On the back of the Pioneer DJM 250 Mixer device is provided with XLR outs so that it could be connected to professional outs and audio systems directly. This has been made even easier with the simple and widely available cable jack that doesn't need professional accuracy for connecting. Other outs provided Pioneer DJM 250 Mixer can be used for connecting high end audio devices like even an iPod.

Finally the 24 bit digital sound processing makes the home mixer sounds as good as it looks. Pioneer DJM 250 Mixer is available at a comparatively low price in India of Rs 20,000.

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