Pioneer Launches Head Units And Amplifiers

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Pioneer Launches Head Units And Amplifiers
Pioneer loves to remain as the segment leader in the in-vehicle music recreation segment.

Pioneer is a brand name that always lives up to the expectations of the customer. That is the reason they always be the number one in the field of customer satisfaction which paves the unique way of becoming the market leader in this segment.

The hottest news round the corner is that they have launched 2 head units and 3 amplifiers with a mind blowing sound quality and bass with advanced technology features in the head units which came as an addition to their already expanding business with good reputation.

DEH headsets are launched by Pioneer having serial numbers 149 and 249. And the model numbers of the GM amplifiers are respectively 3500F, 5500T and 6500T which includes an advanced power supply technology. The prices of the products are very economical compared to other players in this industry. This is considered to be one of the main reasons for their increasing customer base for their products.

One and the most important feature that has to be noticed is that the head units now have an Advanced Sound Retriever which is capable of restoring the high frequency sounds.

Another feature is anti-dust mechanism which protects the accumulation of the dust by bringing down the level of dust entry and by optimizing the level of air flow. No one is interested mechanism which doesn't contain USB connection, so pioneer has satisfied the customers by introducing the latest front auxiliary input method. Multi format compatibility also does exist in the audio head unit.

Speaking about the new amplifiers, they have a power supply of 400W, 820W, 760W. It also consists of a tunable low pass and a high pass filter through which you can adjust frequency to give better sound quality.

Let us differentiate between the three amplifiers. First comes GM 3500T which is a two channel bridgeable amplifier that has a bass boost volume control. And the advanced power supply ensures that you can hear the music with out any sort of interruptions and it also has an extension that extends up to the sub woofer. GM 5500T is also quite similar to the GM3500T with the only difference that they have a variable low pass filter that ensures flexibility. Combining all the features with cutting edge technology comes the GM6500T which is a four channel bridgeable amplifier with an adjustable low pass and a high pass filter that ensures flexibility and the perfection in the playing of music with good sound quality and without any sort of interruptions or variations with the help of the advanced power supply method which gives the users a pleasant feeling.

The price in India of the Head unit and Amplifiers are not yet revealed, but expected to be reasonable.

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