Pure Contour 100Di-The economical iPhone, iPod, iPad dock

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Pure Contour 100Di-The economical iPhone, iPod, iPad dock

Pure has been a market leader when it comes to airwave based devices. They have a radio rich line up of devices including very different varieties of the conventional radio to the in car tuners.

Pure Contour100Di is the latest product from the company. The device is basically an iphone/ipod dock that integrates a lot more features in it. This is actually a scaled down version of its older brother the Pure Contour. The older model has been scrapped off of its additional dimensions. Well, the 100Di comes at a much reduced price compared to the earlier one but; the features in the device are almost similar.

Pure Contour100Di comes in a very beautiful and minimalist design. The whole device is semi circular in shape and has the device dock in its front. The dual tone color includes a dark grey color for the speaker covering and a silver grey finishing for the edges. The docks are also highlighted by a tint of the same color.

The pure logo is placed in the front in metallic silver color. There is also a suitably large display in the front. It can aid you while selecting radio stations or it can double as a table top clock. The control buttons are placed at the top slightly to the left and right. There also, only the very necessary buttons are integrated into the device.

All together there are six buttons, three on each side. The buttons can be used to control everything from turning up and down the volume, to mute the device, to search for a radio station etc. The power button is also placed at the top.

Pure Contour100Di also has a remote controller. The remote is magnetized and it will easily stick to the back of the device. You can place it there and never worry about misplacing it. The slim remote too come in the black and silver color finish.

The remote too has all the functions to manipulate the music as well as to access and change radio stations. The dock in the front is of revolving type. The dock revolves round to its position so that you can plug in your portable device. After its use the dock can be pushed back to its closed position.

To make use of the full features in the device you have to couple it with Pure Lounge application. By doing so you will get access to thousands of music as podcasts and you can browse through numerous internet radio stations. You can also stream across BBC and other live stations. The application is free for the new customers for a year and will charge a small amount for its use after that. With the application you can also use the phones controls to control the radio.

The audio quality coming from Pure Contour100Di is sufficiently very good. The small device packs in about 20W RMS. This is more than enough to immerse the complete room in music. Even if you turn the volume high up there won't be any distortion in the sound quality. The gadget packs in other features too like two alarms, headphone socket, snooze and sleep functions etc. You can also plug in your Mp3 player through the auxiliary input port provided. Pure Contour100Di has a price tag in India is yet to be known.

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