Quad Mountain Ultimate One WatchBand for iPod Nano

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Quad Mountain Ultimate One WatchBand for iPod Nano

Sweat and moisture are undoubtedly two of the most common enemies of any electronic device. Laptops, desktop PCs, tablets, Netbooks, watches, mobile phones, portable speakers, MP3 players, etc; all need to be kept away from water. Dust must be kept out too, but it isn’t easy to ensure that. Most of our electronic devices have become accustomed to dust.

Moisture needs to be critically kept out for sure, and while it’s relatively easy to keep our laptops and desktop PCs safe, it’s more difficult to ensure our watches and portable electronic devices such as cell phones, iPhones, iPods, tablets, etc. are kept out of reach of not only water but also our sweat.

Athletes and those heading for the gym often know how tough it is to ensure their stopwatches and other timing equipment remains high and dry in those moments of intense activity. Luckily, there a watchbands to take care of our iPods.

The Quad Mountain Ultimate One watchband developed for the iPod Nano manages to keep the Nano completely shielded from the skin and sweat, unlike most other Nano-specific watchbands.

With Ultimate One the Nano is securely held in a clasp made of stainless steel and the entire band is made of a single silicone piece. There have been many openings provided to ensure air circulation including the large adjustment holes.

The silicone used does seem to have a powdery texture. This actually helps in keeping the watchband from uncomfortably sticking to your skin and held on by the moisture. The area of the Ultimate One watchband actually holding the Nano has ridges in a waffle pattern at the back. This ensures the air keeps flowing to your skin to keep it cooler.

The watchband is available in a wide choice of colours – red, white, black, pink, orange, green and blue and has a length of 9.5 inches. Quad Mountain also offers Ultimate One watchband at a lesser price if you buy it as a pair, and claims it will fit wrist sizes from 5.75 inches to 8.5 inches.

The Nano can really be held securely on the Ultimate One as its clip snaps into the depression within the holder area. It really holds the Nano firm. You can rest assured that whatever activity you’re doing – running or exercising - it won’t fall off.

There are also two wing-like projections around Ultimate One’s holder area that protect the Nano’s metal sides. Even when the Nano is fully secure in the watchband, all the vital controls and ports can be accessed. Exact price in India is yet to be relieved.

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