New Revolutionary Audio Bulb From Giinii

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New Revolutionary Audio Bulb From Giinii
At the Pepcom's Holiday Spectacular event at the Big Apple this year, Giinii International proclaimed the arrival of their revolutionary new product developed from a brilliant idea. The product is called Giinii Audio bulb and is a wireless music system accompanied by a superb display of LED lighting. The really cool thing is that the device kind of not only resembles a light bulb but also can be used as one. Who'd imagine such a light bulb can also be used as a wireless music system.

The single bulb like device s packed with a 5W LED light bulb which is pretty fun to watch while it glows and also includes an integrated wireless speaker as well. The device lets the user play tracks from iPods, iPhones and several other auxiliary input units .It wouldn't require a wired connection to play your favorite track through out the house or office.

The entire operation of the unit is controlled from the standalone base unit provided. ‘Audio Bulb' is patented for its brilliant blend of technology. A LED light is featured in the system along with the wireless speaker system.

All it needs to install the device is a light socket. The device can be plugged in to the light sockets where it could be used as a light bulb. At the same time, with the help of an integrated wireless speaker, the device can play the music streamed from the connected devices like as mentioned, an iPhone or iPad.

Ryan Giordano, the Vice President for GiiNii said that unlike the typical audio player systems which is difficult to install and complicate when it comes to extending the speakers to other rooms in a house, Audio Bulbs are highly friendly to use and also brilliantly adapts with its surroundings design wise.

The Audio Bulb can be fitted to any standard or Edison light socket. The audio device can be synchronized with the audio players with the Apple 30-pin dock connector or other auxiliary inputs. The whole system can house a maximum of eight audio lamps that can be allocated in separate listening zones allowing the users to adjust the volume and lighting in each zones accordingly and that certainly means that one can be switched off while the other one is in use.

Audio Bulb is highly energy efficient using just a 5 watts. The devices will be available in the markets by October at a price in India tag of around RS 5,000.

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