Rock It Portable Vibration Speaker System

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Rock It Portable Vibration Speaker System
We have been hearing about a lot of portable speaker systems most of them with latest or revolutionary new technologies integrated with them, namely Jawbone's Jambox and speakers from Beats Audio etc. Now gaining mush popularity recently is Rock It portable vibration speaker system. Those who use it said they will never regret buying it. Rock It Portable Vibration Speaker system is quite unique and uses a strange scientific procedure to make the music it plays worth listening to.

Even if it disappoints you to hear that Rock It portable speaker system lacks amplifiers, you would have a second opinion once you see and experience how this device functions. This compact speaker system can be connected to audio devices like small time Mp3 players to iPods and Laptops. Although it works as a speaker, it doesn't have an amplifier, but makes up for this drawback pretty impressively. The portable Rock it speakers have a weird sticky pad on the underside which lets you stick it on audio devices. When the music plays, strong vibrations get transmitted from the underside of Rock it speakers to the item it is fixed to and transforms them into its own instant amplifiers.

Rock it Portable Vibration speakers are well charged by two AAA batteries to be used with portable players. It also comes with a reliable and fast USB connection which lets you charge the speakers via computers. It can also connect with audio devices via their 3.5mm standard headphone jack. It's actually fun setting the device up. After powering it, use the plug to connect it to the any audio device and stick them somewhere you like it to be. But to obtain the best results, you only have the trial and error way. Stick the speakers up in any surface around you and see where it offers the best amplification and output. It's kind of fun because certain surfaces can make it sound horrible if Rock it speakers are fixed to them.

Basically, the speakers offer great quality and decent amplification if they are fixed to items which are hollow. More hollow it is, the greater will be the volume. Cardboard boxes, inflated plastic bags etc will be able to throw back the sound, amplify it and hence increase the audibility as well. An ordinary plastic bowl also offers the best result. The speakers are excellent in playing punk rocks and certain classic rocks as well. But playing fast numbers would probably result in a lot of noise. Although it is not a high end speaker, it's pretty nice and portable. It can soothe your stressed mind in your office and even in the Kitchen.

Rock It Portable Vibration Speaker System is price in India around Rs 3,800/- approximately in India.

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