Roku Lt Streaming Media Player

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Roku Lt Streaming Media Player
Roku is a brand name in the consumer electronic products category. Roku already has a strong base in the digital media products category. The company came in to existence in the year 2002 and from there onwards the company had witnessed significant growth that has increased the reputation of Roku considerably. The latest product that is going to arrive in the market is Roku LT streaming media player which is known to be the most advanced digital media streaming box for the corresponding TV.

The main attraction of Roku LT streaming media player is its astonishing price range. It comes with a very affordable price which makes it the suitable choice for all the users. With the assistance of this device you will be able to watch over 300 channels which makes the product extremely user friendly. Another important attraction of this player is its compatibility factor. The media player supports Netflix, amazon instant video. It also supports Pandora as well as Disney too. The most important news that is making headlines is the implementation of the HBO Go app. But the fact is that you must subscribe to a qualifying cable company that promotes the HBO in order to use the HBO Go app. The partnership between Roku and HBO came as a surprise to the users when it was announced that HBO will join the Roku family soon. This makes HBO Go the second authenticated channel which includes a whopping 1400 titles of the HBO programming.

Roku LT streaming media player comes with almost all the features that you expect from this brand name. The product is of high quality and comes with a warranty period. The product is very comfortable to use. It is also quite easy to set up. The product as expected from the Roku family comes with a lot of fun filled entertainment and joyous experiences. The player arrives with the award winning Roku interface which is the center of attraction and is the one which has been the source of success for the previous version of Roku products.

Roku LT streaming media player is expected to arrive with cutting edge features. The LT is expected to come with high definition video at 720p through the HDMI technology. It is also expected to come within built wireless features. It is also expected to come with the implementation of A/V output which is mainly used for the standard definition. Roku LT is expected to work only on TV's that makes use of new generation technologies.

The price in India of Roku LT streaming media player is around an approximate of Rs.2, 000. Roku is always known for its affordable pricing of its products. The player is expected to be released by the end of November month of 2011.

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