Samson Meteor: The Portable Mic with legs

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Samson Meteor: The Portable Mic with legs

Samson’s Meteor Mic is a compact and good looking microphone with a retro chrome finish capsule look and connecting to the USB port of your Mac computer, Windows PC or laptop instantly without the need to install any drivers. The yesteryear studio microphone appearance will appeal to most people, and it doesn’t have a plastic feel thanks to the chrome exterior.

One of the major advantages of the Samson Meteor Mic is of course its portability. Its diminutive size means you can carry it and place it anywhere. The microphone stands on three legs which can be folded while you’re taking it around in your purse, bag or even your pocket, if it’s large enough. This microphone has the volume dial at the front and a headphone 3mm port at the back. To listen to what you’re recording you need to connect your headphones to the microphone. It can record 44.1/48 kHz 16-bit audio.

The diminutive size of Samson Meteor Mic though is a minor disadvantage when it comes to the recording process as it’s sometimes difficult to place it in the right position to get close to it and record. Connecting it to a stand should make it more convenient to use but it doesn’t fit into many microphone stands due to its small size.

Another issue though is that whenever you press the mute button in the middle of a recording you get a reasonably audible sound. The mute button is an important element of any recording device as it prevents unnecessary sounds such as a cough or a burp or other peripheral sounds getting recorded. Whenever you feel like clearing your throat or coughing, all you need to do is press mute. But with Samson Meteor emanating a sound every time you press mute, you’ll get a disturbing sound anyway whether you cough or press mute. However, a reviewer claims that using the wired remote should take care of it. This won’t be a major issue though if you’re using the microphone for informal Skype or Google Talk conversations.

To sum up, the advantages definitely outweigh the issues. For all your amateur recording needs you’ll find the Samson Meteor Mic more than sufficient especially with a sound that is really professional. It’s got a cute but retro and nostalgic design with foldable legs that make this very portable. Best of all, you only have to plug and play without needing to install any driver software on your computer. But we haven’t come to the main part – the price.

While it has a price tag of around Rs. 5,000, you can get it for lesser rate in online outlets. But more expensive than the average microphone you’ll find in the market which Samson Meteor Mic easily outperforms. The price may be more while shipping to India

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