Samsung launches new earphone series

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Samsung launches new earphone series

Samsung electronics has introduced many Hi-Fi audio systems and many portable media players into the market. Their portable media range has a huge following and they offer some of the best quality sounds. In order to increase your audio experience one step further Samsung has recently come up with a whole series of in ear type ear-phones.

The new line up is termed as ‘Your sound’.

It features many different models from which the user can select according to his needs and of course depending on the budget. Samsung provides superior music and audio across the entire range. But as the price tag increases so does the quality of music.

Active Sound EHS-63 is a moderately priced head phone in the line up. This is a specially designed ear phone that can let you hear external noises too while listening to music. This will be especially helpful for people who need to monitor the surroundings like a person in the street, or while driving etc at the same time enjoying music.

The ear phone consists of open and closed speakers. The open speaker design does two tasks. It increases the bass response of the system as well as it lets in all the external noises. This can be advantageous as well as disadvantageous. That is with this feature you may not be able to use the headphones in very noisy environments.

Moving up the line we come across EHS -70 and EHS -71 earphones. One main feature with this ear phones is that it has anti tangle cords. So gone are the days where you have to spend several minutes trying to untangle the wires before listening to music.

The head phones also come with protective case. This means that the device can be folded up and carried away easily in the protective case provided. These headphones features upgraded drivers which offer some very top notch sound quality. The EHS-71 body is made up of air craft aluminium. This means that they are both light weight as well as durable. But all this features come with a very premium price tag.

EHS-60 and EHS -63 earphones are already up in for sale. You can buy them directly from Samsung’s website. EHS-60 comes for Rs 1,050 and EHS-63 comes with a price tag of about Rs.2,600/- in India. EHS-70 and EHS -71 headphones will be available from February this year. Their price tag is not announced yet.

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