SanDisk’s Sansa Clip Zip

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SanDisk’s Sansa Clip Zip

The popularity of SanDisk’s Sansa Clip Zip is proof that nothing beats a compact MP3 player for convenience. And now the new Sansa also supports the AAC format with which tracks you’ve acquired through the iTunes Store and added to your iTunes library can also be played. This was the only issue with previous Sansa Clip Zips as you’d generally find iTunes tracks available in the AAC format.

This upgrade makes the Clip Zip quite an unbeatable product. It is convenient enough to be clipped to your pocket or sleeve, and you can carry on with your walk, jog, drive or work and not worry about it falling off. In fact Sansa promotes exercising and fitness activities by making Clip Zip compact and also incorporating features such as the Sport Mode. The Sport Mode is a great feature of Sansa that helps users’ record elapsed time. You can save lap times to the device’s internal memory, while you can measure seconds, minutes and hours with the digital stopwatch.

Sansa Clip Zip is available with 8GB or 4GB storage with expandable storage up to 32GB through the MicroSDHC card slot. One can also expand the memory with ordinary MicroSD cards. With this the maximum total storage capacity rises to 40GB. You can also use the card slot to connect the Slot Radio cards from SanDisk, each of which has 1,000 pre-loaded songs.

Clip Zip has a 1.1-inch full color screen which is quite good for its compact size. Along with AAC it supports MP3, WAV, FLAC, WMA & WMADRM, and Ogg-Vorbis formats. With this device you can also record your voice or any other sound since it comes with an in-built digital voice recorder. You’re also offered audiobook and podcast support while Clip Zip also has an FM radio built in that has recording capability. 40 presets are offered so you can save your preferred radio stations. You can also record MP3s and live broadcasts which can be played back later.

System requirements that will make your Sansa Clip Zip compatible with your PC, laptop or Apple desktop are Windows XP SP2 operating system or Linux or Mac 10.3, Windows Media Player 10+, CD-ROM drive, USB 2.0 port and of course Internet connectivity so you that your Sansa can be updated through Sansa firmware updater.

Finally, Sansa Clip Zip is small enough to fit in your pocket like the earlier Clip Zip with dimensions of 2.25 x 1.42 x 0.58 inches. It has an attractive choice of 7 colors. The price is different for 4GB and 8 GB versions. The original price of 8 GB is around Rs. 3,000 where as that of 4 GB is around Rs. 2, 400 but to get the product in India you may have to go the EBay route which, with shipping charges, could raise the overall price you pay.

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