Satechi releases powerful portable wireless speaker

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Satechi releases powerful portable wireless speaker

When you are a music fan, your first priority will be to have a good quality speaker set. While at home you can enjoy music from Hi-Fi music systems but while you are travelling, what if you feel like listening to some good quality music?. The primary option will be to use a pair of good quality headphones but if you don’t feel comfortable wearing them, the next best option is to use a good quality portable speaker system.

Satechi has come up with a small yet powerful portable speaker very recently. The name Satechi may not be recognized by many but once you get a chance to experience these speakers you would never forget them. If your budget is limited and you want a good quality portable speaker system that offers you good value for your money then Satechi Bluetooth portable speakers are the right choice for you.

Features and specifications of Satechi Bluetooth Portable speakers:

  • Compact
  • Light weight
  • Beautiful design
  • Bass expansion
  • Strong volume output
  • 3.5 mm audio adapter
  • Playback control buttons
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • Mini USB port
  • 6 hours of play back time

The design of the speakers is very unique. It may remind you of a flying saucer. But don’t let the looks fool you, the device also offers some pretty good audio. The speaker can be kept in open or close positions. It is very compact and light and you can easily carry it in your luggage if you are on a trip. If you want you can even carry it during your daily travel without fuss.

The most notable feature in the device is its bass expansion system. That is the speakers can be extended so that the audio quality will have some very notable improvements. When the speakers are used in the closed position, the sound may feel like something coming from an integrated speaker on a tablet or smart phone.

The speakers can be used to play music from most of the music streaming services like mobile phones, laptops etc. If you want a wired connection a 3.5 mm audio adapter is also provided at its base. There are music control buttons for play/pause or to skip tracks and also a button to increase and decrease the speaker volume.

Satechi Bluetooth Portable speakers come with a price tag of about Rs.3,000/- in India.

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