Sennheiser and Adidas launch holiday headphones

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Sennheiser and Adidas launch holiday headphones

Cool headphones with cooler designs getting launched from all directions isn’t an uncommon thing now. Headphones are considered the most sought-after gadgets of all. So it is not that surprising that Headphone manufacturers design their headphones such a way that these headphones are both unique in design and very much more comfortable than many other headphones.

The combination of good comfort, great performance and attractive, stylish design is seldom achieved. But a few reputed manufacturers did get lucky enough to successfully manufacture the perfect headsets. Manufacturers work to make their headsets better than their own previous models and those from other competing manufacturers. Just imagine if two organizations team up to make a few headsets that combine style, performance and comfort.

The imagination just got real, as reports have arrived claiming a team-up between giants – Sennheiser Electronics and Adidas. Both are very popular. Sennheiser is popular in the Electronics market while Adidas is a World famous sports accessories brand. Before going into details, let’s take a look at Sennheiser’s Christmas cum New Year edition of earphones. Sennheiser’s new earphones look very much stylish and comes in a number of colours namely Red, green, orange, bronze, brown and blue.

The two models of earphones from Sennheiser are

  • CX 215

  • MX 365

CX 215 is priced more, about Rs 2,000/- in India, while MX 365 is priced lower than the former model.

The big surprise is that, Sennheiser’s tie-up with Adidas Originals, gave life to 3 new cooler looking headphones than the two above. The Sennheiser-Adidas Originals headphone models are

  • CX 310

  • HD 25

  • HD 220

Adidas’ trademark blue colour tone has been derived and the CX 310 and HD220 were given a colour update. The Adidas originals-Sennheiser headphones were criticized as having an old design. But still they look pretty awesome. The HD 220 headphones are the coolest in the bunch, equipped with bass driven stereo sound and extreme comfort. CX 310 headphones aren’t less cool either. CX 310 offers great acoustic quality and good audibility at both high and low ends.

The earpads of the headphones are decent, and fits comfortably in various ear sizes. The earpads also seem to be capable of noise reduction to an impressive extent. Basically, all the Adidas Originals-Sennheiser headphones have a stylish design, great comfort and awesome performance. With these headphones, you won’t find it difficult to choose from various other headphones. Obviously, the price tags vary for the headphones.

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