SMS Audio Sync 50 wireless headphone

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SMS Audio Sync 50 wireless headphone


Music lovers would be searching for a headphone which possesses fashion-focused design, high audio quality, affordable price tag and wireless nature. The solution for all these essentials is the new SMS Audio Sync 50 wireless headphone.

Talking about Sync 50 wireless headphone hardware, it comes along with a massive outer packaging. This outer cover seems to be stylish and also helps in the noise cancellation process. A plastic foot is provided to this headphone which makes it to stand upright. The upper end is crafted to be like a handle. A 3.5mm audio jack and micro USB port is also included in this headphone.

The USB port can be used for charging purpose. The wireless headphone pack comes along with a blue 3.5mm audio cable, airliner adapter, micro-fibre cloth, USB-to-mini-USB cable and some product brochures. 3.5mm audio cable has also got a one-button inline remote / mic. The headphone also includes various playback control buttons.

Yet another notable point is that pairing this headset with the transmitter is a very simple task. It can be done by simply pressing the SYNC button provided for just 3 seconds. The moment after coupling is done, the LEDs start blinking rapidly and hence giving notification to the users.

The battery included in SMS Audio Sync 50 wireless headphone is set such that it will be turned off when no sound is being transferred for more than 1 minute. Moreover, the battery provides a standby time of 16 and a half hours even in case of continuous usage.

Coming to audio quality, one can’t evaluate it as something extra ordinary. Regrettably, it doesn’t encompass any noise cancellation circuitry to block the external noise. In a noise free atmosphere, the users can enjoy an incredible audio quality. True wireless audio technology which offers a 16-bit CD-quality resolution is incorporated in this headphone set.

When it comes to user’s comfort, the SMS Audio Sync 50 wireless headphone is to be admired. It fits the user’s ear with the help of ear cups which is provided with plentiful quantity of padding. It is not designed to be an over-ear headphone but to be a supra-aural due to the positioning of drivers. Furthermore, the Sync 50 wireless headphone is set to be a light weight gadget.

However, the reviewers are not that happy on this headphone. They have pointed out that the performance of SMS Audio Sync 50 wireless headphone is little bit lower on comparing with the similar featured ones.

The makers have not revealed its price or release date yet. But one can expect it to be launched soon.

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