Sonos adds more functionality to the Sonos wireless HiFi music system

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Sonos adds more functionality to the Sonos wireless HiFi music system

Wireless music system manufacturer Sonos has announced a new software update to give Sonic Wireless HiFi users more music and greater control. Called Sonos System Software 3.6, the update is offered free to Sonos customers who only have to click a button on their HiFi system to update.

With the free update, the Sonos Android controller extends its support for Android-powered tablets and smartphones. From any of these two devices you can now control the Sonos Wireless HiFi system. You can surround yourself with music by wirelessly streaming it in any room. The Sonos system can also be wirelessly controlled on a bigger screen through any Android 2.2 or a higher version running tablet, and this would include products such as the Amazon Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom and HTC Flyer.

Other enhancements have also been included with Sonos 3.6 such as the useful music library management, Android Twitter support for tablets and smartphones, and alarms. Another great upgrade is the free availability of Slacker Radio music service for users in the US and Canada. Slacker Radio gives access to more than 150 stations programmed by experts, and users can also create their custom stations selecting from tons of songs. Another bonus of the radio service is that you get artist biographies which you can read as you listen.

For an ad free radio experience though, you need to get Slacker Radio Plus or Slacker Premium Radio both of which you can access on Sonos. Slacker Premium Radio also offers on-demand access to countless songs, artists and albums. You can also create custom playlists.

Sonos 3.6 software also features the introduction of the Beta environment called Sonos Labs. Typical to what a “lab” stands for, Sonos Labs offers users the opportunity test the various music services before they’re launched officially on Sonos. Sonos Labs will be keeping on adding new music services.

Another improvement with the Sonos 3.6 update is the better integration of Spotify. Sonos users, who’ve signed up with Spotify, can access the Spotify Inbox on their Sonos Wireless system and also play music from popular tracks and new releases on Spotify. Sonos 3.6 also offers AAC+ codec support.

Sonos, Inc. founder and CEO John McFarlane say that the objective behind the update is to give Sonos customers a better and infinitely more satisfying and adaptable music experience. The idea is to provide better control of the Sonos Wireless HiFi experience in the home for users, and offer them a more exhaustive collection of music.

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