Sony launching new NWZ A866 walkman

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Sony launching new NWZ A866 walkman

Sony became very popular in the portable media player sector after their introduction of Sony Walk man. The company has quite a large line up of devices in their portable digital range.

Sony NWZ-A866 is one of the very recent additions .This is a small compact device that offers you some serious quality audio output.

Features and specifications of Sony NWZ-A866:

  • Very portable

  • 32 GB internal memory

  • Compatible with WAV,AAC and WMV audio files in addition to the standard MP3 ones

  • Supports MPEG4 and WMV video files

  • 2.8 inch display

  • Touch screen display

  • Sony Media Go software to easily transfer media files

  • SensMe application to group songs automatically

  • Amazing sound quality

  • 97 mm long and 9 mm thick

The device being extremely thin and light will be very easy to use as well as to carry around. It will easily fit in your pocket or wallet when not in use. The memory in the device may appear a bit less when pitched against Apples iPod Classic which has a somewhat similar price tag. It is not that it is not enough; on the contrary it will easily store your entire music library. But for people who would like to store other data’s and full films in portable media players this may not be very sufficient.

The device is very versatile offering wide variety of file format support rather than the only MP3 support as in some other media players. The 2.8 inch screen has enough resolution to see short video clips but is not advisable to watch full length movies in it. The display offers very sharp colours and has a very good viewing angle.

The touch screen is very responsive and it increases the overall ease of use .The graphics is very smooth and welcoming. The most striking fact of the player is its sound clarity. The audio is crisp and distortion free. The bass range is incredibly good. Even the most demanding music lover will enjoy the sounds coming from this device. Even if you turn the volume up to full level, which you won’t have to do in any given situation, the sound appears clear and filled with details.

Sony NWZ-A866 comes with a price tag of about Rs.15,000- in India.

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