Sony Walkman W Music Series

Posted By: Rahul

Sony definitely made its place in market by their series of walkmans and portable mp3 players. The latest innovation from Sony research team is an ultra portable and extremely compact mp3 player that literally fits in your ear, Sony walkman W series.

Sony achieved this amazing fete by integrating an mp3 player into a pair of headphones. The device weighs mere 35gms.The basic controls such as play and pause and controls for increasing and decreasing the volume are also integrated onto the device. With further usage of the device you will find out that most of the switches have multipurpose.

This is an mp3 player for people on the move. That is you can wear it while jogging or workout or even during daily commutation and you will not even feel that it is there. The ear buds are designed in such a way as to offer a very comfortable fit. Various sizes of ear buds are also available along with the package so you can select the one that easily fits your ear. The controls for playing and pausing and also for changing tracks are integrated onto the right ear piece. It also has a turn On/OFF button. The other controls for volume and play list shuffling are placed in the left ear piece. The wrap around your head style cable design ensures very snug fit, so you won’t have a feeling that the player will fall off.

The mp3 player device comes in 2 variants the NWZ-W262 and the NWZ-W252.This is a very simple device offering very basic controls for manipulating the music. So you won’t have to spend much time fumbling with the instruction manuals. The controls would need some time to get used to since once after you wear it you won’t be able to see them. But the lack of a display screen may not always be welcomed by users.

Sony Walkman W Music Series

The device offers music quality of top notch. The bass is very rich and the fidelity is very good. Once the device is turned on you will be submerged quickly into another world, a world of music. The device can be connected to a desktop or laptop to transfer music via USB cable. Music files can be very simply dragged and dropped or other music management software’s can be used to transfer the music by creating play lists and all. Windows media player can also be used to sync the device with the computers music library.

The very amazing thing with this device is that it is waterproof. It offers excellent battery life of about 12 hours after a full charge .Even a few minutes of charging can ensure some hours of music, thanks to the absence of a display. The player has shuffling capability, ZAPPIN capability and repeat capability. Shuffling is used to change the order of the tracks in which they are played. Repeat can be used to play a single track over and over. ZAPPIN is Sony’s answer to the lack of a display and it helps you to skip songs and select your favorite one without much hassle. ZAPPIN software comes as a brain work of Sony’s research team. How it works is that once the mode is on, the player plays a small portion of the song for a few seconds if you want to listen to the song simply press the play button, or else the player moves onto the next song and this continues until you come across the one you want.

The 2GB model of Sony Walkman W series is price in India at Rs.5, 000.The player is available in various color options as well.

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