New Sony Z1000

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New Sony Z1000
New Android music player from Sony is now out in the markets. This device is the best ever Walkman that Sony has ever brought out in the markets. The device can be considered as a threat to the Apple iPods with new Sony music player coded as Sony Z1000 featuring some of the configurations of Apple at much affordable price rates. The device is surely going to be a major hit with its unique design and ease in usage. The player has some of the most advanced options that any music player has failed to demonstrate till date.

The new Sony Z1000 has a 4.3 inch LCD display which is capable of offering a 480 X 800 pixel resolution. The new device has a much interesting fact that it' runs on an Android 2.3 Ginger bread operating system platform. The device is very fluid to work on with, which is actually the effort that's put forward by its Nvidia Tegra 2 Mobile dual core CPU which is really an efficient one. The S- Master MIX sound processing according to the company is expected to enhance the audio and give the user newer levels of audio experience. It even enables digital noise cancellation. The user will have several options when it comes in choosing the memory capacity of the device like it is with an Apple iPod Touch. The device comes with a 16 GB, 32 GB, and a 64 GB internal memory support.

The W button in the Sony Z1000 player will take the user directly to the walkman in the player on pressing it. The device is not just any regular music player. With its connectivity options loaded within the phone, the user will be able to access online music sites over Internet. The device is strong enough for multitasking and is even capable of streaming high definition videos and facilitates video games in it.

The Sony Z1000 device is enabled with a DLNA for wireless connectivity with other external and similarly enabled TV, speakers and much more .A HDMI port is also provided for wired connections to devices that lacks a DLNA feature.

The price in India details for the players are out. Sony Z1000 sporting a 16 GB memory will have a price tag of RS 17,500 in India. Mean while the one with 32 GB is priced at RS 20,500 and finally the 64 GB Sony Z1000 is available at RS 25,900.

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