Soulo karaoke and microphone set

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Soulo karaoke and microphone set

People who enjoy music would often find themselves singing the songs or at least humming the tunes. To have a more into the singing experience the easiest thing to do is get the karaoke and sing along. This can be fun and entertaining for professionals and amateurs alike.

Soulo Karaoke is a popular application that lets you sing along. Its library contains lot of popular songs for you to choose from. It is compatible with all models from iPhone 3GS and up and also by iPad devices. If you want you can record the songs you are singing using the built in microphone. But this is not very advisable since it is not designed to handle music recording. So the only option is to connect an external microphone.

Soulo karaoke’s developers have a solution for that too. Soulo mic is an audio accessory made especially to be used along with the application. The microphone has a very simple design and plugs easily into the headphone port. There is also an audio jack to which external speakers or other headphones can be plugged in. This application also has video output features, so that you can use it to output video to another screen or monitor. In the mean time the audio output is not in HD mode while recording but the user can use a HDMI connection to listen to the tracks after the recording is over.

The application is fairly simple to use. Just click the ‘Start singing’ button, select a song and you are all set. The volume of the karaoke as well as the vocals can be set along with tone, echoes etc. The recorded sound files can be shared via Youtube or Facebook or other online media. If you think that the recorded sound clip is not up to the mark then it can be stored to be reworked on later or deleted.

The hardware of the microphone is pretty solid. The devices sensitivity is very good too. One small problem with the microphone is that since it takes up the headphone jack, the audio has to be output via external speakers or a headphone. Also the phones microphone won’t work once you plug in this device.

The price for the Soulo mic set could range from Rs 3,500 to Rs 5,000.

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