Sound ID SIX Bluetooth compact headset

Posted By: Rahul

Sound ID SIX Bluetooth compact headset

Headsets make up an important segment of the consumer electronics market. Sony Walkman changed the world of music appreciation and headphones were the integral elements of its success. The iPod was arguably the next big revolution in personal music enjoyment. Music mobile phones proved to be hugely successful even in India, and all these needed efficient headphones to fully convey the fun.

But headsets evolved and the discomfort of keeping your cell phone to your ear and bearing the heat generated has resulted in people turning to the provided headphones to make and receive calls and listen to music through their mobile phone. Gradually, Bluetooth headsets arrived that had their own application and countless high-tech features to improve the user experience. They came to be used as hands free mobile phone operating devices along with listening to music

Another Bluetooth headset has arrived on the consumer market, Sound ID SIX. This is quite the opportune time for such a product to arrive, as it’s the age of the iPhone 4S Siri that has made people more dependant on their mobile phone than ever before.

The first impressions about SIX is that it is carbon everywhere with back and grey colors dominating thanks to the Clear Carbon Smart Touch surface. It has a button at the top for activating the Voice Menu through which users can access Bing 411, Google Voice, VoiceDial and other services like them. You don’t need to worry about background noise interfering with your voice communication as there are three microphones that help keep away distracting sounds.

Sound ID SIX is offered with an application as are all Bluetooth headsets. The application here is EarPrint 3.0 which can be accessed by your Blackberry, Android or iPhone. The application enables users to enjoy all the features of the headset. It also supports third party applications such as Vlingo, Jott, Voice-on-the-Go, etc.

The application also has other useful features such as the Text-to-Speech feature by which you can listen to incoming messages, and the unique “Find my Headset” feature. Sound quality is pretty good. There is a button on the smartphone that produces a high pitch sound.

There is also the ActiveConnect feature which is a multi-point A2DP that enables users to connect any two Bluetooth A2DP devices, whether it is an iPad, music player, tablet, PC, Mac or mobile phone. Sound ID SIX has a smart touch sensor for the controls – volume, voicemail, mute, voice dial, auto-dial, features, etc. with just a single touch. Another innovation aboard the SIX is the Pass Thru Mode that employs Personal Sound to amplify the environment surrounding you between calls.

Sound ID Six Bluetooth headset is available for purchase from its official site for a price of below Rs 8,000 in India.

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