New Stem Innovation Tandem Speakers

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New Stem Innovation Tandem Speakers
A lot of people don't actually care much about the sound output of their computer speakers. But there are people out there who want to have fun and entertainment with computers. They would want the best video quality and amazing audio quality and output. For those people, who don't mind losing some money, not much though, Stem Innovations have innovatively developed speakers which are able to reproduce sound with surprising audibility and clarity.

Stem Innovations calls them Tandem Speakers and the speakers feature support to latest technologies including USB. Tuned Bass reflex, improved headphone output and digital signal processing to name a few. The speakers include many other features as well; say improved headphone output for one. Basically, in looks, the Tandem Speakers look like they are cousins of Apple, because the speakers share the aluminum color and Spartan design just like iMacs and Macbooks.

It may share the same color like Apple, but it looks pretty more awesome. The speakers are of trapezoidal shape and the grills covering the speaker at its front features a smooth black cloth. These black cloth grills are also in the rear covering small ports from which the bass is let out. AC power is required by Tandem speaker. So they are not that easily portable. Line in jack is provided in the speakers which is quite useful if you lack USB support in your audio device.

To connect one speaker to your computer, you would need a USB cable. There is a switch which you can use to choose on which side the connected speaker should be. Another cable is included with the speakers to get the other speaker functioning with required audibility and thus connects the whole system. The right speaker will have the earphone port and volume control. The light, which indicates that the speaker is turned on, is from the volume controls. The right speaker will also have a plug which lets you connect it to the left speaker. Enjoying jazz music and rock will be great with the Tandem speaker. A subwoofer can add to the quality and audio output.

In large environments, Tandem speakers wouldn't be much impressive but still it packs quite loud sound with decent quality. But if you require great bass, then Tandem speakers aren't the right choice. The speakers are ideal in small environments. You will also be able to connect the speakers to iPod/iPhone docks if the docks have line-outs. Stem Innovations' Tandem speakers are expected to be price in India around Rs 3,500/-.

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