SwiMP3.2 G: A water proof MP3 player from Finis

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SwiMP3.2 G: A water proof MP3 player from Finis

Finis has come up with a cute looking useful gadget to the music world. SwiMP3.2g Player, which is a water proof model, allows users to listen to music while swimming making it quite handy gadget. Listening to music during workouts will also improve exercise rhythm. 

You can enjoy music with comfort and clarity even while in the pool. Instead of ear phones or ear buds, Finis SwiMP3 Player is out with a unique approach facilitating bone conduction making it comfortable to wear and also the quality of music is terrific even when the head is immersed in water. 

Including SwiMP3.2 Player in the work outs helps the user to forget of pains and aches and enjoy their strenuous workout without any boredom. It gives a proper rhythm to the workouts enabling systematic heart beats which gives a fresh experience. This gadget is also a handy one for senior people as they can make use of this bone conduction instead of ear buds and they can easily hear the surrounding environment and chats during their workouts too. 

Finis MP3 water proof player supports 2GB of storage and users can listen to audio books and podcasts apart from this music gadget with incredible sound quality. The device can be attached to your cheek bones with comfort using goggle straps and rests on the cheek bones making sure that it won’t interfere with the swimming. Data transfer and storage is made easy with an inbuilt USB option, as well. 

This device helps in enjoying music with the highest quality when under water. You can even listen to 500 songs, or about 30 hours non-stop music time with its inbuilt storage. The rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery supports up to 8 hours usage on a single charge. The package comes with along with a Carrying Case and also an Instruction Manual. 

Finis SwiMP3.2G Player is made available in interesting colour combination of yellow and black and you can grab one of your own with a decent price tag of around Rs. 8,000/-. With all the interested features as mentioned earlier this product will be a standalone gadget in the music market.

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