Sync By 50 Headphones now open for pre-order

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Sync By 50 Headphones now open for pre-order

Today more and more celebrity backed up headphones is being introduced into the market. Many of the popular bands as well as individual singers are launching there own series of headphones. Most of these headphones are of very good quality but there where some that could not make it to the lime light.

Curtis James Jackson III also known as 50 Cent is a very popular American rapper and producer. His albums have been on the top position in the world music list and he has sold quite a large number of copies of the same.

Sync by 50 headphones comes in three models. Two of the models are over the ear type and the last one is an in ear type. The headphone is a wireless type. This is a major attraction since the main problem with the headset is its connecting wires. Especially during travel extra care has to be taken to see that the wires don’t get tangled up with themselves or other objects.

Here the music is streamed from the player to the headphone. The large headphones are covered in a memory foam cushion. That is the padding adjusts its shape according to the contours of the able and snug fit. The head band too has enough padding to ensure trouble free wear and stays the same way while it is over the head. This ensures a very comfortsage.

The ear cans feature 40 mm drivers. They are able to provide the user with a very high sound quality. The bass range is also good. The headphones feature 16 bit lossless digital sound. Also the digital equalizers are 16 bit tuned.

There is passive noise cancellation in the device. That means that the large ear cups act like a noise isolator. Most of the ambient noise that one may come across in daily life is filtered by it and this ensures superior listening experience.

The wireless connection range of the device is about 50 feet. The small transmitter can be plugged into the player and it transmits the audio signals to the headphone. The company spec list also claims that four simultaneous connections can be established even though there is no word on the wireless standard used.

The second model from 50 cent is Street. This headphone shares almost the same spec list with the Sync model except for the difference that this is a wired headphone. They do come with the small troubles connected with the presence of wires. Sync and Street models price tags are yet to be confirmed for the Indian consumers.

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