TDK launching new ST700 headphone

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TDK launching new ST700 headphone

TDK’s on-ear high fidelity ST700 headphones live up to the company’s reputation for quality audio products. They offer great audio performance though reviewers suggest it could get a tad uncomfortable during long hours of use.

The foldable TDK ST700 headphones come with:

  • Soft-touch ear cups,

  • 40mm drivers,

  • Extension cable with a length of 0.79m and 6.3mm, and

  • 3.5mm adapters

One of the technological advancements that TDK claims for the ST700 is that they were developed by its Audio Research Lab to create pure sound that doesn’t display any signs of artificial tuning. According to TDK these headphones offer true sound. Specifically, TDK claims that ST700 does away with distorted sound by not cranking the bass or resorting to any such tricks.

TDK believes ST700 high fidelity headphones are great for a personal music listening experience at home or in more noisy environments such as streets. They are also durable as one would expect from TDK, and the company also claims they are comfortable and provide the right fit. Some reviewers would like to point out though that they aren’t very comfortable during long use, but that probably varies depending on the person using them.

TDK has provided ST700 with a matte-rubber finish around the ear cups and over the adjustable headband. A rotary metallic piece is at the centre of each of the ear cups. From the ear cups comes a thick cable that connects to a really stiff extension cable of 30 inches. The thickness of the cable ensures that it doesn’t get tangled easily. But some reviewers also claim that the thickness actually makes it harder to manipulate.

Another disadvantage which reviewers have noted is that the headband of the ST700 exerts quite some pressure on the head. Even the ears are subjected to some pressure in long use, which means that you may have to occasionally take it off during long hours of listening. There is also another minor disadvantage which is that while playing moderate or high volumes some of the audio does manage to seep outside.

TDK ST700 comes in an attractive package that also includes a plush carrying pouch made of cloth and a headphone jack adapter of quarter inches. The ear cups can also fold flat so they can be accommodated within the pouch.

Key features of TDK ST700 headphones include:

  • 40mm high performance drivers for balanced sound with clear vocals and rich but undistorted bass

  • High quality components and materials used for greater durability and distinct appearance

  • Acoustic seal which, according to the manufacturer, successfully blocks ambient noise

  • Lightweight and easily foldable design.
Price details for the TDK ST700 is not yet available.

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