Top Technology Predictions For 2009

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Top Technology Predictions For 2009
The top technology predictions of 2009 is listed by the PC Magazine. The predictions are as follows:

1.Windows 7 will bring tech out of the doldrums: Tech economy could be catalyzed, when Microsoft delivers Windows 7 by Q3 (Quarter 3), This new OS (Operating System) will drive businesses and consumers to new PC and notebook purchases by Q4.

2.The tech industry will be the first to recover from the recession: Tech industry will be the fastest to recover recession as opposed to real estate and auto markets

3.The unemployed will start small businesses to survive and will need PCs to make a living: The economic meltdown will cause many professionals to start specialty consulting services as well as new businesses of various types just to survive. PC technology will be the main aspect of their new venture.

4.Netbook sales will double in 2009: The new year will see manufacturers selling 36 to 38 million netbooks worldwide

5.Smart phones will gain market share: In the coming year phones such as Apple's iPhone and the RIM BlackBerry will gain a stronger foothold in the U.S. and Europe. By 2015, smart phones will represent as much as 65 percent of all cell phones sold globally.

6.Android will expand its reach in 2009: By the end of 2009, Expect top see Android in set-top boxes, digital televisions, and Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), and perhaps even desktop terminals. In fact, Android could emerge as the biggest threat to Linux's desire to make the mainstream, and within the next three years, Android could become a major OS in its own right

7.Apple market share in PCs and smart phones will grow: Apple will manage to grow its market by two points in 2009 inspite of the downturn. The ease-of-use message and the complete ecosystem are attracting more new customers to Apple stores, and the company will gain new Mac users at the expense of Windows vendors. New innovations around the iPhone, latest models and low prices will keep the costumers attracted.

8.Microsoft makes a play to purchase RIM: The Research in Motion (RIM) will be used by Microsoft to enhance and solidify the company's enterprise smart phone position, thus maintaining a close trail of Apple.


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