TekNmotion Yapster Blaster Gaming Headset

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TekNmotion Yapster Blaster Gaming Headset
From a mere pastime to big industry, gaming has come a long way from the painfully basic computer games of the 1980s. Technology has made games more and more realistic and more involving. Games now have a fully virtual universe where gamers can get lost in for hours with multiple players logging in thanks to the Internet. With PlayStation and Xbox ruling the gaming industry, other manufacturers are also making products with gamers in mind. One of these manufacturers is TekNmotion which has launched a new gaming headset.

TekNmotion has launched the TekNmotion Yapster Blaster headset developed specifically for gamers who use the PC or Xbox 360. Not only are these headsets great for gaming, but can also be used for placing VoIP calls, and listening to audiobooks, podcasts and music along the way. Available for a price of around Rs.1, 500, Yapster Blaster provides a clear and crisp sound that is the result of incorporating the advanced Neodymium 40mm bass divers and the XJacKer Soniq Rush amplification technology pioneered by TekNmotion. It looks great and is packaged well, providing great quality sound, though the cabling setup for console is a bit cumbersome.

TekNmotion Yapster Blaster headsets are pretty comfortable for extended use, and that's important considering the long hours spent by avid gamers. The padded cups that fit over the ears and the adjustable headband fit snugly without most users having to keep the adjusting the headset position during long periods of use.

Footsteps, weapons firing all around, and the other sounds you would experience in a gaming atmosphere are conveyed well through these Yapster Blaster headsets. Even with the game volume, you can hear the voices of others clearly during a party chat. There are many preferences users can adjust for that.

One of the disadvantages of Yapster Blaster headsets is the over-sensitivity of the microphone that results in it capturing some ambient noise sometimes, which is quite bothering. As mentioned earlier, the cabling of the headsets is quite cumbersome since, according to the instructions provided; these headsets need to hook to the audio output of your Xbox 360. But most gamers use HDMI cables and they cannot be directly connected to the Xbox 360's audio out. You can plug the headsets to your television's headphone jack, if your TV is equipped with it. Otherwise you need component cables to connect your TekNmotion headsets to the Xbox 360 audio out.

Other than these niggles, TekNmotion Yapster Blaster headsets have no significant disadvantage. The competitive price in India of Rs. 1,500 makes them more attractive as you can get high quality sound and really comfortable and snug-fitting headsets for a price in India more than that of the usual Xbox 360 headsets by only around Rs.500.

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