Thodio introduces i-box wooden speakers

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Thodio introduces i-box wooden speakers

The speaker segment towers over other audio equipments when it comes to sales figures. More and more Hi-Fi speakers are being introduced in to the market. No matter what the brand name is or no matter how the design is, audiophiles look for devices that produce the most accurate and high clarity sound. In the market there are thousands of accessories for the ipod/ipad. Speaker docks are available in all shapes and sizes. There are but only some that offers very efficient sound output.

Thodio i-box is among the top contenders when it comes to sound quality. The speaker itself has a bit unusual design and is definitely a head turner. When most of the speaker docks comes in aluminum as well as fiber finish, Thodio speakers stand apart from the crowd and they come in a complete wood finish. The device has a very retro look. It looks like something that came straight from the eighties. But don’t let the appearance fool you. These speakers are definitely an engineering marvel and offer one of the best sound clarity that comes from a portable audio system.

So what does the whole wood construction offer? Before the advent of modern manufacturing materials, most of the speakers where cased in wooden enclosures. The advantage of wood is that they are very sturdy and strong.

According to the principle of good audio production the only thing that shouldn’t vibrate in the room when a high bass song is played, is the speaker enclosures. Wood being sufficiently strong is able to resist and hold it position no matter how high the volume is turned to but with the compromise of being a bit heavy.

Overall the wood casing offers a very rugged and classic look to the speakers. The user can choose the wood used for construction from the various options available. Teak, zebra wood, oak, purple heart etc are all available.

The dimensions of the device are 34cm x 22cm x 23 cm (L x W x H). The gadget weighs in at about 6.5 kilos. The speakers are of coaxial type. They are made of Kevlar which is an ultra strong and durable material. The tweeters are of soft dome type. The speakers offer a power output of 2 x 70 watts RMS.

This is a very impressive since it comes from such a small and portable device. The universal dock for Apples devices is at the top. The dock has charging features so the media player will get charged once it is in the dock. The integrated battery in it can be charged by plugging in to a wall outlet. With a full charge it can work for up to 12 hours continuously.

Thodio i-box speakers have an integrated Bluetooth receiver. This lets the user to stream music from phones or other Bluetooth enabled device to the speaker. There are two indicator lights in it. One is the battery indicator light and the other is the distortion indicator light.

Thodio i-box speakers’ price range starts from Rs. 30,000 in India.

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