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Tivoli PAL+Portable radios can make the world an exciting place. With countless stations offering an exhaustive choice of musical and other entertainment genres, you can take your world of music wherever you head to. Tivoli Audio is at the forefront of this relatively simple technology.

Tivoli PAL+ portable radio has been launched by Tivoli Audio. Tivoli already has a PAL (Portable Audio Laboratory) radio, but this is an upgraded version with DAB, DAB+ and DMB support added as well as FM RDS reception included.

Tivoli PAL+ features a Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery built-in which is environmentally friendly thanks to the nature-friendly metal employed. These NiMH batteries do not provide any memory effect and offer high energy density. You can take your PAL+ outdoors and listen for around 10 hours provided the battery is fully charged, which takes about three and a half hours. Tivoli PAL+ comes with an integrated smart charger thanks to which you do not need an expensive charging station.

PAL+ is truly eye-catching, and that's an understatement. It comes in five bright dapper finishes with red, white, yellow, light blue and black colours. The design is also weather-resistant. Other features include the independent dual alarms incorporating snooze functions. All these functions are easy to use. PAL+ also features a large display with backlight that can be adjustable. This ensures that you are always able to read the details on the screen.

Tivoli PAL+ offers a full-function remote control and the portable set has a holder to keep the remote control. When you're not using the remote control, the device has a circular control at the top. A 3.5mm aux-input situated at the back of the device help you hook an Android smartphone or Apple iPhone. Music from your hooked up mobile's library can be streamed through Spotify Mobile.

Tivoli PAL+ also comes with a stereo headphone. But this can be switched to mono so you can properly receive disruptive or noisy signals from some FM stations. Tivoli Audio is known for its award-winning circuitry, and the TivoliPAL+ comes with a 6.5 cm magnetically shielded full-range driver. As a result, the quality of the sound is great thanks to efficient balance maintained.

It's hard to get a portable radio that looks as attractive as TivoliPAL+, and Tivoli Audio's Tom DeVesto hopes PAL+ will become as popular as the original PAL was. We don't see a problem with that, especially since the PAL+ portable is also easy to carry around, weighing just under a kilogram. Tivoli PAY+ has a price in India tag of around Rs. 19,196.

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