Toaster styled speaker dock for iPhone

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Toaster styled speaker dock for iPhone

It is actually no wonder why it is Apple products which get a lot of accessories from third party manufacturers. Take Apple iPhone for instance. Apple iPhones became a globally accepted product, which eventually made them popular in almost every nook and corner of Earth. The popularity of iPhones seems to be increasing, as arrays of accessories started appearing each month boasting to be iPhone exclusives.

Among these accessories, the docking stations are the most popular, usually with their unique size, design and features. The new docking station for Apple iPhone also has a unique design, which you can’t even guess. But once you get a glimpse at the docking station, you would clearly distinguish it as a toaster. You are right. The new docking station for iPhones which grabs everybody’s attention is the Gavio’s Toaster styled speaker dock.

Gavio’s Toaster speaker dock is pretty classy in the design although it looks like a toaster. It has a sleek build and doesn’t actually resemble a modern day toaster. The toaster speaker dock shares the design of an old retro model toaster. Basically the toaster iPhone dock works like any other dock. It comprises of a dual 50mm speakers, a 3 Watt amplifier and a Li ion battery which is built-in.

The Li ion battery means the Gavio Toaster speaker dock can be taken alongside with you on your travels, and enjoy the booming music on the go. The speaker seems to be hidden well by the slots at the front. The iPhone dock is on the top of the Toaster dock. Once after you dock the iPhone in the Toaster dock, it would seem like that the iPhone just popped out of the toaster.

Key features:

  • 105 x 160 x 70 mm dimensions

  • Unique design looking exactly like a toaster

  • Dual 50 mm speakers

  • 150 Hz to 18 KHz frequency response

  • 80 dB signal to noise ratio

  • 1000 mAh Lithium ion battery
You would find it a bit difficult, at your first glimpse, to distinguish Gavio’s speaker dock with the original toaster of the same design, when both of them are placed beside one another. Chances of docking your phone in a real toaster are high. Gavio Toaster iPhone dock has volume controls which are quite simple to adjust to our wish.

Gavio reportedly hasn’t made any announcements regarding the price details and release dates of their Toaster speaker docks for iPhone.

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