Top Android Music Players that are as good as Apple iPod Touch

Posted By: Rahul

Top Android Music Players that are as good as Apple iPod Touch

The Apple iPod Touch is supposed to be the best music player around and is supposed to be the undisputed champion among all music players. But there is serious competition to the Apple iPod Touch!. Below we provide a list of some alternative music players that the Android offers in competition to the iPod Touch.

1) Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0: The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 is a cheap alternative to the Apple iPod Touch. It gives you all the functionality present in the Samsung Android Smartphones. It also has a large 5 inch display screen.

2) Sony Walkman Z: The Android lovers are ensured of a once in a lifetime experience through the Walkman Z. The Sony Walkman Z provides for high-quality music listening. With Sony's high quality headphones, even the external distortions are eliminated thereby allowing you to enjoy music in a hassle-free manner.

3) Philips Go Gear Connect 3: This device puts high quality music in your pocket at a much lesser price than the iPod Touch. Even though it's specifications are mediocre, you can still choose this device this season.

4) Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0: This offers some high-end features which add spice to your music experience. This is a much cheaper substitute for the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 & the Apple iPod Touch. .

So, when it comes to music this season, consider the above unconventional devices which offer you the best, once in a lifetime musical extravaganza.

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