Toyota Touch lifedisplay audio entertainment system from Panasonic

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Toyota Touch lifedisplay audio entertainment system from Panasonic

Panasonic has developed its Display-Audio system for Toyota’s iQ city car by making the audio system compatible with the originally Nokia-developed MirrorLink connectivity. MirrorLink connectivity standard will connect a smartphone to the infotainment system or head unit of a car. This 2-DIN Display-Audio system by Panasonic is called Toyota Touch Life and is offered as an extra option for Toyota iQ buyers.

The Panasonic Display-Audio system is offered with a WVGA TFT 7-inch touchscreen. What you see on the touchscreen is exactly what you’ll see in your smartphone screen. So on the Display-Audio in-dash touchscreen; you’ll be seeing the MirrorLink applications running on your smartphone. This is made possible because of the aforementioned innovative Nokia-developed and Car Connectivity Consortium-promoted connectivity standard.

There is a host of MirrorLink applications running in your smartphone that can be accessed on your iQ’s touchscreen including music players, maps and navigators that have been conceived to offer entertainment to the passengers and driver.

Nokia has pioneered the development of smartphones certified by MirrorLink to be used in this connectivity arrangement with the head units of cars.

If you have a Nokia smartphone, all you need to do is head to the Nokia Store and download Nokia Car Mode application. If your smartphone is MirrorLink-enabled, than the Car Mode application will help connect your smartphone with Toyota Touch Life.

Nokia Car Mode application, which will be available from December 2011, makes the user interface a lot simpler and enables the car’s infotainment system to access the Smartphone’s music player, navigation and telephony. Making the interface simpler helps as the driver won’t have to take his/her eyes off the road for a long period of time or gets distracted from the driving. With the simple graphical user interface, the driver needs to access only the most required functions.

MirrorLink was originally developed by Nokia but is now promoted by Car Connectivity Consortium. Car Connectivity Consortium is dedicated to promoting collaboration between industries in order to develop solutions and global standards for connecting smartphones and car systems.

Toyota Touch Life also offers its connectivity solutions for users of Apple iPhone with iOS 4 or later versions. Users only need to download the Application Launcher app which is available from the App Store for free to connect their iPhone with the head unit of their Toyota iQ city car.

Applications that can be experienced from the car for iPhone users include news apps, Internet radios, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. Moreover the Garmin StreetPilot navigator and other navigators, etc can also be experienced.

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