Trendy HiFiMAN Headphones

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Trendy HiFiMAN Headphones

There was once a time long ago when headphones and ear buds were a novelty. Any headphone was a wonder device that symbolized independence and introduced new levels of freedom. But it’s been a long time since, and the market has matured with consumers demanding more from headsets. You may not be a DJ or a gamer who requires headphones that weed out the peripheral sound, or even an athlete with a need for waterproof earphones. But you still need a device that delivers top notch audio quality with a balance of highs, lows and mids.

Aesthetic beauty is important too and you’d want your headphones to appear up market and offer a good deal of comfort. Most people use headphones for extended hours and would want a device that delivers punchy performance comfortably for long hours. When it comes to in-ear headsets, the ear buds need to come in various sizes to provide the right fit for users. Over-ear headphones too need to offer various customizable positions for users to be satisfied with. There are many respectable brands out there such as Beats by Dre, Koss, Sennheiser, etc., and HiFiMAN (Head-Direct) is one of them. Its products bear the mark of research and seem to be conceived by real music lovers.

Head-Direct has launched its HiFiMAN HE-300 high performance headphones. These are over-ear full size earphones. With a sensitivity of 93 dB, they can be used with a portable audio device or an amplifier. Though HE-300 is the least priced of all HiFiMAN headphones, the model’s sonic signature is shared with more expensive headphones offered by them.

User-friendliness and comfort have also been given special consideration while designing HiFiMAN HE-300 headphones. This can be seen in the special lightweight design that at 270 grams makes it lighter than other headphones of similar size. The cable is flexible so the headphones can be used in many positions. The leather ear pads that cover the ear are comfortable too and don’t give any kind of discomfort even with long hours of use.

The headphones operate in the frequency of 15-22000Hz and their rated power is 30mW. They have an impedance of 50 Ohms while their drivers are Dynamic and have a diameter of 50mm. Aesthetically, the HiFiMAN HE -300 is similar to the HE-500, with the difference being the internal driver assembly which is larger in the HE-500. According to reviews, HE-300’s performance would truly blow you away and is quite unlike anything available for this price.

HiFiMAN HE-300 headphones come in a sleek and stylish box in which the headphones are placed on a velvet cushion. They are for a price tag of around Rs. 15,000, more or less, depending on the online retailer.

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