Urbanears launches quilted plattan series comfort fit headphones

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Urbanears launches quilted plattan series comfort fit headphones

Urbanears was formed by a group of very enthusiastic audiophiles and designers who intend to make the headphones more than a simple audio device.

There headphones feature very rich and vibrant colours and the designs are simple and neat. The materials for construction like padding and all are mostly fabric and this gives the user a feel like wearing a simple dress as he /she usually does in everyday life.

Urbanears quilted plattan series headphones are the first headphones in the editions line. The headphones have an over all plain look. There are a lot of colour options to choose from. All in all there are 11 colour options including colours like pure white and orange.

The head band as well as the ear cups has plush padding to it. Also they have quilted stitching in it. This is the same stitching that you may find in clothes like jackets and sweaters. It gives a very homely feel to the device.

The ear cups are circular in shape and are sufficiently big that they completely cover the ears. The manufactures attention to detail is very much obvious in the headphones. Every inch of it is filled with details and no element is left unnoticed.

The sound drivers in the headphone are hand made. This is definitely of premium quality since most of the headphones today are made in a product line. This may result in a faster production process but the quality of some of the headphones may not be up to the mark. This is exactly is where the hand made drivers outshines their factory made counter parts.

The build quality is excellent. The chords that connect the headphones and the connector are also covered in fabric material. They have a very subtle and beautiful design to it. It also features a tangle free design. The connector jacks are of 3.5 mm. This is a good thing since these are very common connectors and you can plug it in most of the Mp3 players as well as smart phones.

The drivers are of 40 mm size and they have a frequency response of 20Hz to 20 KHz. The device impedance is at about 60 ohms. The over all sensitivity of the headphone is 115 dB. The headphones can stand up to a maximum input power of 40mW.

The audio quality in Urbanears quilted plattan series headphones is best in its class. The whole of the audio range is reproduced very faithfully by the drivers. The bass is very reassuring and deep. This is a perfect device for playing the classics as well as new age music alike.

One other noticeable feature in the headset is a sound plug. This is a headphone socket to which an additional user can plug in their headphone and listen to the same music. That is a very good feature since more than one person can enjoy music without causing disturbance for others.

Urbanears quilted plattan series headphones has an approximate price tag of about Rs.4,000/- in India.

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