Urbanize yourself with the Beats Executive Headphone

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Urbanize yourself with the Beats Executive Headphone

Beats by Dr.Dre is a range of headphones introduced into the market as a result of the alliance made between the hip hop musician Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine, the chairman of Interscope –Geffen-A&M records, under the Beats electronics LLC. They have brought into the market a series of in-ear phones as well as over the ear headphones. The audio devices marketed by them have become quite a favorite among the audiophiles as well as professional sound technicians alike.

Beats headphones usually featured a styling and design that is intended for the urban crowd. This made the headphones a sure hit among the youngsters. With bright colors and funky designs they were a definite head turner. Moving away from that design philosophy Beats Executive headphone comes in a quite professional look.

The old design philosophy even though provides with incomparable sound and can compete with any other studio head phones had a slight draw back that, these bright colored modern looking devices could not go with your formal suite. It would really look odd if you are to dress up in a formal wear and listen to music in a very contradictory looking device.

The new Beats Executive headphone comes in a brushed aluminum design. One look at the device and you will know that the head phone is a class above from the normal headphones. It is made up of very premium materials. The ear cups have the aluminum metal finish and features the beats logo on the side. The headphone comes in silver and black color combination and feels very luxurious.

The headband is black in color too. The over the ear phones are covered in a premium leather material. The head band too is nicely padded with the same type of leather material. The heavy padding in the headband and earphones ensures a very comfortable and snug fit. The large ear cups and padding in it also serves one more purpose of blocking out the external noise.

Following the Beats legacy Beats Executive headphones too are expected to deliver premium quality sound. The actual specs of the device are not known. The driver in the device is also not revealed but considering the performance of the older models we can be sure that the device will offer crystal clear sound and offer some pretty good bass range.

The fidelity of the headphones will also be very high. The lows and mid’s along with the soaring highs will be reproduced by the device with as much or some times more than the efficiency that one would expect from a Beats product. The headphone is also said to feature active noise cancellation technology.

Conventionally over the ear headphones rely on their padding to provide most of the noise isolation. But the problem is that the amount of isolation will remain same irrespective of the ambient noise. In active noise cancellation technology there will be a dedicated microphone that monitors the ambient noise all the time. Whenever the ambient noise is found to be too high remedial measures will be taken in the headphones to cancel out that noise.

The remedial measures include certain noises and hisses that can attenuate the external noise without causing any difference in sound quality.

The well padded headphones along with this technology would mean that the sound from the headphones will be the best in its class. The exact price of Beats Executive headphones in India is not known at this point of time but it is not at all a cheap device.

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