User-friendly products iFrogz: CS40s headphones and Timbre Pro ear buds

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User-friendly products iFrogz:  CS40s headphones and Timbre Pro ear buds

CS40s headphones from iFrogz appear to be like traditional headphones, but have a few changes for ensuring portability. User-friendliness is given special importance here and this is important if you wish to listen to music for hours without experiencing pain or discomfort. These headphones can be adjusted in the way they fit around your head, but that’s not all. Each of the two ear pieces can be independently adjusted too so that you can find the best position to experience great sound quality and maximum comfort.

iFrogz has taken so much care in providing the right fit that you can even get them fitted comfortably around your glasses. They’ve been cushioned well and this also helps in ensuring not much pressure is put on your ears though the headband that goes across the top of your head is a bit hard. The portability is extended with their really light weight and collapsibility that enables them to be easily carried around. Though these are over-the-ear headphones, they offer the convenience of ear buds when it comes to taking them around.

Coming to the audio quality, iFrogz CS40s provides a rich sound whether listening to music from portable music players and iPods or when observing a video on your laptop. The most important quality of a speaker is to enable the user to listen to distinctive notes as well as follow each instrument’s contribution to the sound, and CS40s headphones don’t disappoint. They offer a wide range of sound with distinct mids and high end. iFrogz Timbre PRO ear buds really have timber around them, significantly improving the sound quality.

iFrogz Timbre ear buds have an amazing range of sound and the tonal quality and warmth of sound is more similar to what one would experience with expensive speakers. This is against convention, especially since ear buds have never been expected to offer sound quality comparable to headphones though they are more convenient when jogging or carrying out any physical activity.

The various frequencies and ranges are clearly distinguishable as are the distinct sounds and instruments in a musical performance. Three different shapes and sizes of buds are offered so you can select the most appropriate one. They are not only snug but also extremely good at blocking background noise. You won’t have to increase the volume much even if you’re in a reasonably noisy environment.

iFrogz Timbre Pro ear buds have a price tag of around Rs. 2,570, but you can get them for around Rs. 2,056 without the microphone. Though on the expensive side of the spectrum, the ear buds offer the performance, convenience and portability to justify the price tag. Just reflect on the wooden wrapping and you’ll see it’s worth the price. The CS40s headphones have a price tag of around Rs. 2,056 based on current exchange rates.


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