V-Moda Faders Affordable Earphones

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V-Moda Faders Affordable Earphones

V-Moda’s Faders by Ear Armor are earplugs which the company claims are designed with safety in mind. Doctors, professional DJs and producers are behind the design and tuning of V-Mod Faders. They have been manufactured from medical-grade ear fittings and high quality metal to ensure the optimal safe listening experience.

Faders ensure safety of your ears by bringing down harmful noise levels by 12dB. In fact, V-Moda claims that when properly inserted, Faders by Ear Armor earplugs can bring about noise reduction in the range of 5 to 30dB. In spite of that, the sound quality is great. Whether you use these earplugs for answering calls or listening to music you get crystal clear tone and speech.



  • Safety of your ears

  • Noise reduction in the range of 5 to 30dB

  • Plugs are available in small, medium and large sizes

  • Resistance from molds and bacteria

Turning down the volume ensures a really pleasant experience that doesn’t compromise on safety or pose the risk of lifelong loss of hearing. According to V-Moda, Faders earplugs do not penetrate very deep into the ear canal unlike conventional in-ear headphones. This contributes massively to reducing risks of deafening noise affecting the ear drum. The plugs are available in small, medium and large sizes to ensure the right fit.

In addition, the material used for the earplugs consists of medical-grade silicone that offers resistance from molds and bacteria. The real expertise behind Faders earplugs is felt in their tuning – much effort and reasearch has gone into keeping the highs and mids intelligible and clear. No further tuning is needed.

When attending motor racing events at race tracks, participating in concerts or music practice sessions, traveling through noisy markets or attending clubs, V-Moda Faders can help you enjoy your music clearly and satisfyingly without the outside noise creeping in. While simultaneously not blokwing your eaardrums to a potentially deafness-causing condition. The aforementioned research in keeping the highs and mids clear and the use of the right metals makes this happen.

Safety is paramount, especially as the risks of NIHL (noise-induced hearing loss) are being realized. The use of excessive noise-causing machinery, prolonged exposure to painfully loud music (at high frequencies), greater usage of loud stereos and personal music players and unscientific use of earphones have been known to cause NIHL in people, particularly teenagers. V-Moda claims that with research-based products such as Faders by Ear Armor, that have been designed by experts in the industry, this risk can be substantially reduced.

V-Moda Faders by Ear Armor are available in three exciting colours – gunmetal, rouge and blush which is basically pink. They have a price tag of close to Rs. 1, 000 in India. If you get these earplugs, V-Moda claims you’re making a big step in keeping your ears safe.

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