Veho Mimi Qube – The all new WiFi speaker

Posted By: Rahul

Veho Mimi Qube – The all new WiFi speaker

Speakers have become indispensable for consumers. Almost everyone likes to get more punch than their laptop or desktop computer speakers give them. The tiny speakers aboard the iPhone and iPod, as well as tablets too are often felt not enough to satisfy a genuine music lover’s needs. Whether you’re a hardcore music fan or not, it does help to listen to influencing music as you do your work and carry out other regular chores. Sometimes the speakers of your laptop or desktop PC are just not enough to deliver a satisfying experience.

Manufacturers have therefore a range of products to satisfy the requirements of many kinds of consumers. Bluetooth and wireless speakers have become really common. Competitive pricing does play a major role in influencing people’s decisions here as there are many speakers that don’t provide the sound to justify their price tag. Ease of set-up is also an important factor.

Veho Mimi Qube is a WiFi speaker that can play audio from your laptop or desktop computer. It comes with a wireless adapter which connects to the source to transmit the audio. Mimi Qube, as the name somewhat suggests, is a cube shaped collection of twin 1.5W speakers that help produce stereo sound.

The speaker is easy to install too. When plugged in through the USB port, the wireless 2.4GHz adapter will appear as ‘SYNIC Wireless Audio’ on your computer without affecting your WiFi regular network’s combination. You’ll find the indicator blue light blinking when connected without any transmission of audio, while it will stay on if the audio is streaming. But you can also connect Veho Mimi Qube without the wireless adapter thanks to the line-in port. The built-in battery can be charged through USB.

Mimi Qube offers pretty good sound with low frequencies perfectly reproduced even if played in high volume, in spite of its small size. It can be great for a room but probably not more than that, unlike a Wi-Fi system. But with Veho Mimi you can connect many speakers to cater to many rooms simultaneously. You can do this from the WiFi adapter provided. The audio, though, is reported to be flat sounding, even more than the Veho 360 single Bluetooth speaker. But an equalizer should help users get the sound they’re satisfied with.

Veho Mimi Qube WiFi is a great speaker that streams audio effortlessly and provides reasonably good quality audio. It’s easy to set up and you can connect wirelessly through WiFi and also through the aforementioned line-in port. It is well built and the looks exude quality. If you want a no-nonsense, easy-to-set-up speaker then this is it.

Veho Mimi Qube WiFi speaker is available for a price of around Rs. 5,000 or probably more when shipping to India. Sites such as EBay and Amazon stock these products.

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