WD Updates Media Player With New Application

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WD Updates Media Player With New Application
Ever since the Internet attained broadband speeds all over the world and music videos, sports and movies began streaming online, there has been the desire from consumers as well as manufacturers to be able to watch Internet content on TV. Now televisions are available that enable one to browse and play games using the TV screen. But companies like Western Digital (WD) also make it possible to view streamed content in HD quality on TV.

It's a great time for music and home entertainment lovers. With the manufacturer of external storage devices, Western Digital, updating its innovative and groundbreaking product, the wireless WD TV live media player that enables you to watch in TV high quality Internet content, you'd find it hard not to stay indoors.

One of the major innovations is that Western Digital has updated the WD TV wireless live media player with the first industry app catering to Spotify, a renowned music service. Since its launch in 2001, WD Live TV player has been hugely popular and is now set to further build upon its popularity with the Spotify app. The exhaustive collection of music in Spotify's database can be enjoyed in high definition with the WD TV player.

WD now has a user interface that has been upgraded to deliver online content from Blockbuster on Demand, Hulu Plus, Dailymotion and Netflix, consisting of music TV shows, movies, etc. to the television. The streaming media player of WD TV can be connected to the Internet via an Ethernet connection or wirelessly. The 802.11n wireless connectivity supports 1080p full HD video resolution.

The new media player, WD TV Live, from Western Digital combines advanced features of this wireless player with the ability to access a wide range of content from various service providers. The arrangement with Spotify to view its music content is a pioneering move by WD. With the new WDTV live media player, Spotify's premium subscribers can conveniently enjoy on their home entertainment system on-demand access on an unlimited scale to the exhaustive Spotify music catalog containing above 15 million songs.

Currently, the price in India of WDTV Live in India is Rs. 7,999, but only $99.99 in the US. So if you feel the need to magnify your Internet experience, watch web series, blockbuster movies, new music videos and TV series that are available through the Internet, you know what to do.

WDTV Live mediaplayer has met with positive reviews and device is easy to use. It has been reported to have a user-friendly interface and the Spotify app and other new additions work well.

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