New Wicked 3D Series Headphones

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New Wicked 3D Series Headphones
Looking for a good headphone??? Then check out Wicked Audio's new development - ‘wicked' cool looking 3D series headphone. Just looking at it will make you fall in love with it. This headset will not be reducing the weight of your wallet by the way as it's reasonably priced. For such a priced headset, it offers impressive performance and combined with its stunning looks, it's absolutely desirable.

3D is almost everywhere these days thanks to the Avatar revolution. Certain devices with the 3D title may not warrant it and the same goes for the Wicked Audio's new headphones as well. But still all the cool artworks and the awesome sound quality and the colours, gives the headphones a 3D appeal. The headphones are made so colourful that no eyes on the street would miss it. The catchiest colour is likely to be the Hero model of the headphones, coming in a combination of blue and yellow colours, with graphics in it, quite raised giving it kind of a 3D effect.

Besides the good looks, Wicked 3D headphone is one other definition for comfort. It comes with a pretty tough headband. The ear cups are groovy and built in a standard conforming in general acceptance and padded as well which gives you great comfort wearing it and won't be irritating even after wearing it for a lot of time. The ear cups fit perfectly and allows for circulation to your earlobes while denying noise from outside interfering with your fun. The in-line volume control would definitely come in handy. Even though it is comfortable and easily adjustable, it's not that luxurious which is obvious from its price tag.

The quality of sound offered by Wicked 3D headphones is quite amazing. The headphone has been tested with all almost all genres of music and is reported to have great sound quality for such a price. Cheaper headphones don't offer as much hearty, natural quality like Wicked 3D headphones. Besides, the sound quality, the headphones offer less noise distortion as well.

If you like listening to music with great bass effects, then this headphone would be a good option. However, for certain genres of music, the sound may seem indistinguishable but it's no big deal anyway if you dig the quality. But if you want hardcore bass effects which can shake your brain, this headset is not much preferable. For average music lovers, this headset is a dream come true.

Wicked 3D headphone won't be here in India anytime soon but when it does become available, it should have a decent worthy price in India tag likely between Rs 800/- to Rs 1000/-. May be you could grab Wicked 3D headphone through online stores!

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