X-Mini II Mini Speakers

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X-Mini II Mini Speakers
Our world is now a better place with the introduction of cutting edge technologies like smartphones and tablets that has made all the applications that we want within the palm of our hands. Even the music accessories including speakers are no exception which was forced o move with the new generation technologies. The latest to be released in to the market is X-Mini II which is regarded as a self powered speaker which has the capability to produce some high bass effects and sound effects.

The X-Mini II mini speakers also come with a lot of features. The mini speaker only takes around an aggregate of around 2 hours for complete recharging. The speaker also comes with a power on/off switch. This is followed by an absolutely bright indicator which enables the users to understand that the mini speaker is active. The speaker comes with a 340mAh of battery life which is comparatively pretty better compared to other speakers. The battery provides uninterrupted playback of up to 12 hours. A mini USB socket is provided for recharging the speaker. The mini speaker can accept both power and audio input as well from the USB socket. The speaker also comes with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

As far as the design of X-Mini II mini speakers is concerned, it's stunning with a forest green coloured surface which gives it a very eco friendly look. With a rounded ball like structure the speaker is perfectly made to suit the corresponding devices. The speaker is comprised of a 3 inch cable with a 3.5 mm audio jack. One of the most astonishing features is its Bass output technology. When you just opens up and elongates the upper lid, the bass expends so dramatically that even the speaker surface itself starts to bounce frequently with the bass. The 3.5mm audio jack is such a facility in which you can just provide a chain of connection of the speakers if you need more bass by extending the jack from the smartphones to as many speakers.

The X-Mini II mini speakers have been developed in order to assist the needs of the users who have a hearing impairment. They won't be able to identify the songs coming with high frequencies from the smartphone where as X-Mini II is designed in such a way that it is capable of producing the low frequencies that is directly beneficial to the users who are having hearing impairments. Thus with the inclusion of Bass expansion system and a buddy jack as well as inbuilt rechargeable batteries and also a 3.5mm audio jack. It seems to be one of the perfect choices for the users who love a compact mini speaker that produces louder and perfect bass and sound effects.

The technical specifications of X-Mini II mini speakers include a frequency response of 100Hz up to 20 KHz. The speaker also has a battery capacity of around 400mAh. 5V of the charging voltage is provided. It also comes with a loudspeaker output of 2.5W. The net weight of the loudspeaker is around 83 grams.

The price in India of X-Mini II mini speakers is around Rs.1, 700 which is affordable from the user's point of view.

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